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Building Management

With most of Hong Kong’s citizens residing and working at multi-storey buildings, the law on building management represents an indispensable aspect of legal practice.

Our Building Management team comprises lawyers with extensive experience advising and working with incorporated owners and managers of buildings and housing estates. We consistently give advice on the interpretation of the Building Management Ordinance and enforcement of deeds of mutual covenant.

Our lawyers possess comprehensive knowledge in contentious disputes on various issues in relation to building management and have represented clients on numerous cases with commendable outcome.

Partner in charge:
Mr. Patrick C.Y. Wong

Corporate and Commercial

We provide full range corporate services including the incorporation of companies and provision of secretarial services and registered office. We also advise on corporate compliance and regulatory matters for both private and listed companies.

Our strong Corporate and Commercial team advises clients on matters such as joint ventures, sale and purchase of companies, transfer of shares, mergers and acquisitions, amalgamation of companies, partnerships, shareholders’ rights, corporate finance, commercial contracts and documentation, e-commerce and all legal aspects for commercial transactions.

Partners in charge:
Ms. Alice W.S. Woo and Mr. Patrick C.Y. Wong

Criminal Practice

We handle criminal defences and appeals for an extensive range of criminal offences, summary or indictable alike, at all levels of the jurisdiction, including Juvenile Courts, Magistracies, District Court, Court of First Instance, Court of Appeal and Court of Final Appeal.

Our lawyers have experience handling criminal charges of all sorts as laid by the Police, Customs and Excise Department, Immigration Department, ICAC, etc. and providing legal advice on the relevant matter.

Partner in charge:
Mr. Allen S.K. Lam

Dispute Resolution

Our Dispute Resolution team comprises of veteran lawyers with full fledge experience in contentious litigation on wide variety of issues including commercial disputes, debt recovery, tenancy disputes, banking and financial matters, mortgagee actions, insurance, shipping and aviation, and general civil litigation at all levels of the courts including Lands Tribunal, District Court, High Court (including Court of First Instance and Court of Appeal) and Court of Final Appeal.

We also strive to resolve our client’s crisis through alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation and arbitration, which may serve to save time and costs in lieu of traditional contentious litigation.

Partners in charge:
Mr. Allen S.K. Lam and Mr. Anthony O.T. Lee


We advise employers and employees on diversified employment related matters, including employment contracts, implementation and enforcement of employment policies, share option schemes, employee benefit schemes, discrimination, privacy, immigration and all sorts of employment related matters.

For contentious cases, our Dispute Resolution team is acquainted to conduct labour appeals and other employment related cases at all relevant tribunals and courts.

Partners in charge:
Mr. Ng Kin Yuen and Mr. Allen S.K. Lam


Our Insolvency team handles matters including general bankruptcies, winding-up of companies, receiverships and debts reconstructions.

We have been engaged by receivers and liquidators on complex cases involving collation and sale of assets, restructuring of debts, and actions against fraudulent directors.

Partner in charge:
Mr. Patrick C.Y. Wong

Intellectual Property

Backed by lawyers with technical background, our Intellectual Property team advises clients on all aspects of intellectual property protection and disputes, including protection strategy, preparation and prosecution of patent, trademark and design applications, licensing and commercial exploitations, intellectual property audits and due diligence, enforcement and defence strategies, etc. We also advise clients on technology-related transactions, agreements and disputes, including e-commerce transactions and domain name disputes. With our global network of foreign associates, we also advise clients on foreign intellectual property protection and disputes.

Partner in charge:
Ms. Alice W.S. Woo


We have an outstanding reputation in providing sound advice to our clients on all aspects of a divorce case, including financial planning and arrangements for the children.

Our prime belief is that our clients should get the fair share of what they are entitled to in the event of a relationship breakdown. Our team of veteran divorce lawyers is committed to providing individualized attention to each and every client and to keep our clients informed all the way throughout the divorce proceedings.

Partner in charge:
Mr. Anthony O.T. Lee

Notary Public and China Attestation

For documents to be used outside Hong Kong and China, you likely will require the service of a Notary Public, who is recognized on a worldwide basis to have the qualification to authenticate and attest documents. Our firm has 4 Notaries Public who are authorized to authenticate and attest documents to be used in foreign jurisdictions.

For documents to be used in the People’s Republic of China, we have 5 China-appointed Attesting Officers who are endorsed by the Ministry of Justice. They are ready to offer their service to authenticate and attest those documents and to handle the sealing and delivery procedures as required by the Chinese authority.

Partners in charge:
Ms. Alice W.S. Woo and Mr. Vernon Y.H. Pang

Personal Injury and Employees' Compensation

We act for clients who have suffered personal injuries and intend to file claims for damages. We offer you a team which comprises lawyers specialising in personal injury and employee compensation claims. Our work includes cases on car accidents, work-related injuries, long-term disabilities and other common law claims alike.

We also advise insurers on merits of claims and defend them in unwarranted claims.

Partners in charge:
Mr. Ng Kin Yuen and Mr. Allen S.K. Lam

Probate and Will

Our Probate and Will team handles matters in relation to will drafting, professional advice on estate planning, application for probate or letters of administration and estate administration. Our service is extended to both contentious and non-contentious probate matters.

Partners in charge:
Mr.Ng Kin Yuen and Mr. Anthony O.T. Lee

Real Estate

Our Real Estate team provides services on property and land transactions, bank mortgages, property development and finance, and property and land leasing. Clients include developers, banks, financial institutions as well as individuals and companies.

Our lawyers possess in depth knowledge and experience in property law and practice, covering residential, commercial, industrial and multi-purpose properties.

Partners in charge:
Mr. Vernon Y.H. Pang and Ms. Ellen K.M. Ho